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About Goldleaf

Premier Bagasse Product Manufacturer

Welcome to Goldleaf, where innovation, sustainability, and superiority in bagasse products shine through! Leading the market domain as manufacturers of Sugarcane Bagasse Products, we take enormous pride in manufacturing eco - Friendly responsive solutions holding paramount levels of personalized dining and upholding environmental stewardship. Made from sugarcane pulp, our bagasse tableware, and takeaway containers make disposable, compostable, and microwave-safe products, with every item renewable. May it be bagasse plates, bowls, cups, or boxes for packaging, the sugarcane pulp products of Goldleaf are solid and tough enough to bear hot and cold temperatures without affecting quality, hence being the apt choice for such innovators who take greener solutions in establishing food outlets, be it a restaurant, cafe, hotel, school, among others.

We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and work on it religiously at every step of the production process. Our dedication to this mammoth cause is what makes your switching to our Bagasse products massively whittle down your carbon footprint contribution towards a greener future.

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EcoCycle Bagasse

Life Cycle For Bagasse Products


Bagasse products are formed from the remaining natural fibers of sugarcanes, processed into disposable items. With such reasons of excellent compostability, it is easy to acquire it from retail stores for consumer use.

Post-consumption, these products can be composted, left to biodegrade in landfills, or even incinerated for energy reclamation. In select areas, recycling may also be feasible, contingent upon local infrastructure. The conscientiousness of consumers is pivotal in amplifying the sustainability of bagasse products.

People can act to further ensure the beneficial consequence of their impacts on ecosystems, both local and global, by themselves understanding entirely the implications of the life cycle of bagasse products and making environmentally conscious decisions.

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Accredited Producer of Eco-Friendly Tableware

Rapid Dispatch with Minimal Lead Time

Quality-Controlled Economical Production Facility

The monthly production capacity is 870 tons

Top-Ranked Among Other Bagasse Tableware Producers

100% Naturally Decomposable and Biodegradable Products

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